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Unit Discipline Coordinator, Lecturer and Tutor Queensland University of Technology (Faculty of Creative Industries, School of Design) July 2007 - Present (6 years, part-time) Regularly appointed as a Tutor to facilitate student learning and mark assessment items. Occasionally appointed as a Unit Discipline Coordinator and Lecturer to manage human resources, plan curriculum and deliver content. Formed part of the teaching team for a broad range of core and common units across all year levels of the Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Industrial Design) degree, including:

Year 4 – DEB801 Professional Practice (Withdrawn from the course in 2014)

Year 3 – DNH603 Industrial Design 6

Year 3 – DNB601 Industrial Design 6 (Withdrawn from the course in 2014)

Year 3 – DNB503 Industrial Design 5

Year 3 – DNB501 Industrial Design 5 (Withdrawn from the course in 2014)

Year 2 – DNB401 Industrial Design 4

Year 2 – DNB304 Product Technology 1

Year 2 – DNB404 Product Technology 2

Year 2 – DNB302 Computer Aided Design (Withdrawn from the course in 2014)

Year 1 – DNB201 Industrial Design 2

Year 1 – DNB202 Product Usability

Year 1 – DEB101 Introducing Design

Year 1 – DEB100 Introducing Professional Learning (Withdrawn from the course in 2012)



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