Dr Briony Luttrell

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Personal details


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Bachelor of Music (Honours) (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Bachelor of Music (with Distinction) (Queensland University of Technology)

Professional memberships and associations

Member of the QUT Ally Network.

Accredited Mental Health First Aider.



  • KMB228 Musicianship 4 (Unit Coordination & Learning Design)
  • Creative Studio
  • KMB351 Creative Performer 4
  • KMB319 Music and Sound Production 5
  • KMB223 Music and Media

Past units include:

  • KMB118 Musicianship 1
  • KYB101 Understanding Creative Practice
  • KMB137 Critical Listening 1
  • KMB139 Critical Listening 2
  • KMB237 Critical Listening 3
  • KMB239 Critical Listening 4
  • KMB250 Creative Performer 1
  • KMB251 Creative Performer 2
  • KMB350 Creative Performer 3
  • KMB351 Creative Performer 4
  • Mentoring in Creative Studio units

Sessional Academic at QUT 2007-2012. Associate Lecturer at QUT 2013-ongoing.


Selected publications

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