The Indigenous Knowledges (IK) minor invites students to critically reflect on their own understandings and challenges them to develop personal standpoints as they examine the limitations of dominant perspectives in the Australian society. The minor draws on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge systems and perspectives while disrupting and critiquing existing systems of knowing and being.

Our pedagogical and assessment strategies, informed by Indigenous epistemologies and ontologies, stimulate student reflections upon notions of identity, history, nationalism and culture. Students navigate multiple entry and exit points for learning, as Indigenous perspectives and pedagogies are non-linear with no pre-determined endpoint. Indigenous knowledges reauthorises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander epistemologies and maintains its own standpoint against contestations.

The Indigenous Knowledges minor inspires to facilitate the education of culturally safe professionals as students develop their capabilities to enter the professions.

Semester 1 units

Semester 2 units