Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages are intricately linked to the land and country.

Your connections to community and observation of protocols can ensure you have opportunities to embed Indigenous perspectives through language.

ABC Indigenous Language Map

A map of our first Australian languages, showing language groups and regions. An excellent resource for all year levels.

Language Perspectives

Developed by Education Queensland's Northern Indigenous Schooling Support Unit in Cairns, Language Perspectives recognises, respects and responds to the rich and complex language backgrounds many Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students bring to school. For many of these students, Standard Australian English is not their first language or the language in which they are most proficient.

State Library of Queensland: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages

The State Library of Queensland has a wide range of resources to support language programs in schools, including contact information for language centres in Queensland.

Batchelor Press

Batchelor Press is the publishing arm of the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education.

They have a variety of resources available, including posters and readers. There are also opportunities to develop your own series of resources in the Indigenous language of your area with the support of local language speakers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups, and - where appropriate - linguists.

Aboriginal Languages of Australia

Aboriginal Languages of Australia is an online database of resources and research about Australian Indigenous languages, edited by David Nathan. Search for languages of your local area by language name, state or region, or type of resource.

Our Languages

Our Languages is a national website that provides space for connections, collaboration and sharing about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. The site includes information about:

  • policy, protocol and education
  • community language prorams, including where to find projects and strategies for your own school program
  • language centres, including links to people and projects in your state and region.

Australian Indigenous Language Collection

The Australian Institute of Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) is the leading research, collecting and publishing institute in the field of Australian Indigenous studies.

Their Australian Indigenous Language Collection is the largest sources of printed resources and recordings of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. Language bibliographies for many Australian languages are also available. A suggested starting point for school communities researching their local language/s is the Language Thesaurus.