Requesting information about QUT staff and students

Requesting information on behalf of a student or staff member

A student or staff member can ask someone (such as a parent, spouse, solicitor or insurance agency) to request personal information related to them on their behalf.

If you’re requesting information on behalf of a student or staff member, you must provide signed written authorisation from them that explicitly covers the request you’re making. Students can provide authorisation by completing a third party authorisation for student information form (PDF file, 196.6 KB).

We will take a copy of the authorisation for our records.

Academic records for universities and other institutions

Students may authorise us to forward their academic transcript to another person or organisation.

We prefer that you supply a written authorisation form signed by the student (commonly included in application forms) when you request the transcript. However, if a student is applying to an institution for admission or scholarship funding, and the registrar or admission centre director formally request’s a copy of the student’s academic record, we’ll assume the transmission to be authorised on the basis of complied consent to disclosure.

Payroll or employee status for financial institutions and other organisations

Financial institutions and other organisations (e.g. real estate agents) may request confirmation of the payroll or employee status of staff members.

For pay details (other than gross salary) and all casual staff employment information, you should contact our Payroll Office. For all other employment information, contact our Human Resources Department.

To provide this information we must receive either:

  • written authorisation from the staff member (email is fine), including contact details for the requesting organisation
  • signed authorisation provided by the staff member from the requesting organisation.

Employment verification for employers

To verify the employment record of a QUT staff member, contact our Human Resources Department. You must provide signed written consent from the staff member.

Qualifications verification for employers

We have an online service for verifying the qualifications of our graduates, which may be able to confirm the title and date of a graduate’s qualification. This service is free.

If you can’t find the information you need using that service, you can submit a verification of qualification request. There is a charge for this service, and you will need authorisation from the graduate if you are requesting information on their behalf.