Community partners and supporters

Why do we collect personal information about our community partners and supporters?

We provide services to the community (e.g. health clinics) and work with industry and professional partners who support our teaching and research activities.

What information do we collect?

Information about community members and partners that we collect includes:

  • database of  QUT alumni, former staff, donors and other prospective donors
  • mailing lists for prospective students, members of the professions and users of other our facilities such as our cultural precincts
  • records of members of the community and the professions who serve on QUT and faculty committees
  • records of continuing professional education participants
  • patient records for clients of our health clinics.

How do we manage the information?

Records are held by the relevant organisational units. Generally, only staff who are directly responsible for the administration of a service or activity have access to related records, although the records may be made available to senior staff if necessary.

Some of our students complete practical placements at our health clinics, and therefore they may be given access to patient records for teaching and learning purposes under the supervision of qualified teaching staff.

Who do we disclose information to?

We don’t generally disclose information about community members and partners outside QUT.

We may disclose information about continuing professional education (e.g. bridging courses) to the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) for people who are applying to one of our award courses (degrees).