On behalf of Chancellery, Government Relations and Policy (GRP) is responsible for overseeing the coordination of formal institutional QUT responses to Government discussion papers, reviews and parliamentary inquiries concerning the policy settings and context of the higher education and research sectors.


This process applies to submissions made on behalf of QUT as an institution. It does not apply to academics or groups of academics commenting on policy in their areas of expertise, in exercise of their academic freedom, although those colleagues are most welcome to enlist the assistance of GRP to assist them with submissions on an ad hoc basis, outside this process.

At times the Vice-Chancellor may judge it strategic for QUT to make an institutional response in related policy areas that have a material impact upon our sector (such as immigration or industry support), or in other areas of policy in which QUT has subject expertise (such as health, robotics, media and communication, pedagogy or bioeconomy).

Routine reporting or advice to Government departments on operational, compliance, regulatory arrangements and implementation matters are not subject to this process. They are to be handled directly by the relevant division, although areas may escalate responses to GRP should they require advice and assistance or feel the issue has larger policy implications.

Steps for policy submissions

  1. Policy submissions are solicited by Government in a variety of ways, including direct contact, media release, advertising and through scholarly networks. Many submissions will be initiated within Chancellery, but should colleagues become aware of a discussion paper or policy review warranting a QUT institutional response, they are invited to inform GRP via grp@qut.edu.au.
  2. After consultation within Chancellery, with submitting areas and with other relevant colleagues, GRP will confirm responsibility for coordination and drafting, nominating other internal areas to be consulted (n.b. GRP may itself be the coordinating area on occasion).
  3. The coordinating organisational area consults with relevant areas and drafts the response, with advice from GRP as required, then submits the response to GRP.
  4. GRP reviews the submission, ensuring that it aligns with QUT strategy and policy, in collaboration with the coordinating area.
  5. Once finalised the submission is made centrally from Chancellery unless otherwise indicated.
  6. Chancellery provides GRP, the responsible organisational area and consulted areas with the final submission for their records and future reference, and provides an archive copy to QRecords.
  7. GRP will post the submission to QUT institutional policy submissions.