1 - 2 August
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Unlock the power of entrepreneurship to launch a creative project, begin freelancing or create a side hustle to generate additional income.

QUT Entrepreneurship’s SIDE HUSTLE program is for anyone who has had an idea for a side project but not sure where to start.

If you are keen on learning how to take a concept, from idea to launch, whilst studying or working, this program is for you.

The program provides a general overview of what entrepreneurship is, how to incorporate proven techniques into your own projects, and how to gain opportunities and benefits from engaging and connecting with others.

From no-idea to idea, Spark is a program for participants who are unfamiliar with entrepreneurship to introduce entrepreneurial thinking and to understand the process of ideation for creating opportunities to create value.

The program answers the questions:

  • What is a side hustle?
  • How might I apply entrepreneurial thinking to kick off a side project?
  • Can I study and launch a side business?
  • How can I launch an idea when I already have a job and/or studying full-time?
  • Where do good ideas come from?


  • Online delivery
  • 2 hours x 2 evenings
  • 2 hours homework

Side Hustle is a cohort-based, introduction to entrepreneurial mindset, thinking and action. Participants finish this program with clarity on how to manage study and work, and leave room to be creative enough to launch a side hustle.

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