18 - 20 October
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People have trouble seeing all the career and life pathways that are available to them.
We offer a program that teaches a different way of thinking, so that every student can see the next steps to take.

Enhancing your future career opportunities!

Through real-world examples of entrepreneurial and impact-driven change-makers, this program will provide you with the mindset and introductory skillset for effecting change in the world around you. It introduces the methodologies used to solve problems, collaborate, find solutions, upgrade skills and unlock potential by bringing people with diverse backgrounds together. You will be left with a new understanding of how to create and capture value for others and be able to utilise these proven techniques across the lifespan of your future career and in your own projects.

This program is also suitable for anyone who has ever been curious about the colourful world of entrepreneurship and wondered how entrepreneurs operate, think, and behave.


This program runs over 2 days:

Monday 18th October - 7:30pm - 10:30pm (Brisbane UTC +10:00)

Wednesday 20th October - 7:30pm - 10:30pm (Brisbane UTC +10:00)


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