Low income student contact officers

What is the role of a low-income student contact officer?

Each faculty has a contact officer for low-income students. Their role is to be a point of contact within their faculty for students experiencing financial difficulties. They are able to refer students to financial and other support services across QUT.

What kind of support is there for me?

The range of support available from faculties varies, but you may receive support in the form of:

  • textbook loan schemes
  • photocopy credit
  • help with course costs, such as special uniforms or equipment.
Students of Name Email Phone
Business Susan Aingesusan.ainge@qut.edu.au3138 1855
Creative Industries Jacqui Obornjacqui.oborn@qut.edu.au 3138 8025
Education Dallas McDougalld2.mcdougall@qut.edu.au 3138 3065
Health Lillian Okornhealth.liss@qut.edu.au 3138 4525
Law Wendy Cusack w.cusack@qut.edu.au 3138 1003
Science and Engineering Michelle Liumichelle.liu@qut.edu.au 3138 8822