Finance Business Solutions Division

About us

Finance Business Solutions Division provides financial services, budgeting and planning, and associated corporate systems to support QUT. We're responsible for external reporting, and assure governance for functions under our responsibility. We are pivotal in ensuring that QUT's core business activities and future goals and priorities, as outlined in the QUT Blueprint , are sustainable in terms of planning and resources.

Our complex role combines responsibilities for:

  • providing strategic and operational services to faculties, divisions, institutes and individuals associated with payroll, procurement, financial management, accounting, budgeting, surveys and reporting.
  • internal corporate governance responsibilities and associated planning
  • quality and budget frameworks at a strategic level on behalf of the university
  • compliance and reporting to external agencies.

Our business units include:

  • Finance Operations
  • Finance Resource Management.

Our CFO is Carl Cartwright.

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Accounting and assets

Find out more about purchasing, transferring, maintenance and disposal of QUT's assets.

QUT Corporate Cards

Contact for any issues with, or queries about, QUT corporate or prepaid cards.

Financial accounting

Our financial accounting team manages accounting for projects, student fees, leasing and gifts.


Our insurance team manages all insurance queries, claims and support for staff and students.


Contact us for any issues with QUT invoices or QUTPay.


Contact our payroll team for any enquiries about salary payments.


Contact our procurement team for any enquiries about procurement, process or support.


Contact our taxation team for any enquiries about QUT's tax practices.


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