Partnerships with schools

We provide a range of programs supporting and developing the learning of Chinese language and culture at both primary and secondary schools, within the Queensland curriculum and with Queensland registered teachers.

These partnerships aim to build sustainable programs of Chinese language in government and non-government schools. We provide half-day Chinese language and culture education programs, delivered at schools in collaboration with their registered teachers of Chinese, and one of our priorities is assisting regional schools with Chinese language programs.

Confucius Classrooms

We provide support for Queensland schools that host Confucius Classrooms, where highly dedicated professional teachers teach Chinese language within the Queensland curriculum. These schools have a strong commitment to achieving global citizenship skills for students through their Chinese language programs. They also play a leadership role in their regions and school catchment areas for building sustainable Chinese language programs.

We support 10 Confucius Classrooms established in recent years in these metropolitan and regional schools across Queensland:

  • Corinda State High School (2019), Brisbane
  • Cairns State High School (2014), Cairns
  • Merrimac State High School (2014), Broadbeach, Gold Coast
  • Yeronga State High School (2014), Brisbane
  • Kedron State High School (2013), Brisbane
  • Centenary State High School (2011), Brisbane
  • Cleveland District State High School (2011), Redlands
  • Coomera Anglican College (2011), Upper Coomera, Gold Coast
  • Urangan State High School (2011), Hervey Bay
  • William Ross State High School, (2011), Townsville.

Speaking competitions

Chinese Bridge competition

Each year, we hold the Queensland division of the Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for foreign secondary school students. Winners of this competition may be offered the opportunity to compete in or observe the semi-final and final competitions in China.

Chinese speaking competitions for Queensland Schools

Alongside the Chinese Bridge competition, we hold an additional speaking competition for Queensland primary and secondary school students.

As well as the main competition here at QUT in Brisbane, our Confucius Institute staff also travel to areas of Queensland for regional competitions to give students from around Queensland the opportunity to participate. In recent years, regional competitions were held in Hervey Bay, Rockhampton, Townsville and Cairns.

Immersion programs

We organise an annual three-day immersion program designed for school students learning Chinese language and culture at senior levels. From 2010 to 2015, hundreds of students participated in a live-in program of cultural content, Chinese language learning and test preparation skills.

The program is developed and delivered by Queensland registered teachers of Chinese language, with supervised support by visiting teachers at the Institute from Jiangsu Province.


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