03 April 2019

Four CIQ Chinese team members attended the Corinda State High School Open Day on Saturday 30 May 2019.

After being welcomed by the school principal, the team were taken on a campus tour including precincts dedicated to job-specific technical training.

Caption: CIQ staff enjoy the Virtual Reality Viewers.

This was a unique concept for the CIQ team, because Chinese schools have a very strong focus on academic subjects and pathways to university rather than vocational training, which is taught in separate schools.

The CIQ team were impressed with the range of facilities including a trade training centre, café training facility and agricultural farm. After a student demonstration of the honey-making process, CIQ Deputy Director Phillip Sun commented on the sense of pride and accomplishment that the student conveyed and how the broad range of technical training options allowed students to pursue their interests and ‘be who they want to be.’

Caption: Corinda SHS students demonstrate apiary management.

Chinese language teacher Sandy Li marvelled, as it was the first time she has seen a farm integrated as part of school curriculum, praising the proactive way students engaged with this innovative approach to learning. CIQ values innovation and will return to work closely with Corinda SHS as it establishes itself as a new CIQ Confucius Classroom school.