29 March 2019

CIQ visited Kedron State High School for a Chinese Language and Cultural Day on Monday, March 25. This special event connected CIQ staff and Kedron SHS teachers and students as they came together to share and learn about Chinese arts and culture.


Approximately 120 Chinese language students from Years 7-10 listened to the welcome speeches followed by a musical performance of the Pipa, a four-stringed Chinese musical instrument similar to a lute.

The students then participated in three different Traditional Chinese cultural activities, led by CIQ Chinese language teachers. Li Ping shared her knowledge and talent for Chinese painting (guóhuà) and encouraged the students to take up brush and ink and employ their artistic flair to create their own unique floral artwork.

Kedron SHS Students learn Chinese ink painting
Caption: Kedron SHS students practice traditional Chinese ink painting. (Image supplied by Kedron SHS).

The energetic William Men put the students through their paces in  learning a sequence of Gong Fu, a type of Chinese martial arts in a masterful show of patience, energy and discipline. David Song helped the students to unleash their inner animal as they practiced their Five Animal Taiji, a series of exercises and movement based upon the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird. 

Students practice Gong Fu
Caption: Kedron SHS students take part in Gong Fu (Image supplied by Kedron SHS)

The enjoyment and sharing continued with a delicious morning tea of pork buns and dim sum to conclude another successful CIQ event. CIQ will be back again to help support Kedron SHS, one of its ten Confucius Classroom schools in Queensland.