23 March 2018

From 9 February to 8 March, CIQ was proud to present the Online Chinese Writing Course II. This innovative course, the first online Chinese writing course in Australia, has been successfully running since 2014.

This year, we are pleased to say that not only did the course sell out before the closing date, but we had a 100% completion from all of our participants – good job!

This interactive and collaborative course is built on a theoretic framework of ICT pedagogy, reflective language teaching and Gilly Salmon’s E-moderating model.

In this course, participants improved their writing skills in different genres, learnt to differentiate between mistakes and errors, simple and effective methods of correcting errors, as well as how to run online activities that motivate their own students.


Dr Hui Richards taught the CIQ's Online Chinese Writing course, providing detailed individual feedback for each participant.


The course not only improved the language and intercultural communication skills of participants, it also trained them in the role of an online course coordinator.

We look forward to continuing to build and develop this program as we deliver it in the future.