'Bionic' pop artist

A visionary performer who has designed her own prosthetic limbs, Viktoria Modesta is often labelled the world's first widely known amputee pop artist.

Modesta calls herself a ‘bionic artist’ and has taken the world by storm with work she describes as post-human and post-disability, bridging performance art, music and fashion with technology, science and medicine.

The artist will be speaking at QUT's signature event at the 2019 World Science Festival, Innovation by Design: Geeks, Style Gurus and Sciencepreneurs.

Science hits the street

See how science and creativity are making a better world at the free WSF Street Science! event at South Bank Parklands on 23-24 March.

Have your portrait drawn by a robot, play a game against a machine, and discover the possibilities of ‘growing’ your own clothes.

'Grow' your own clothes

Meet QUT Design researchers and learn how science and design combine to create bio-textiles, cloth made from living organisms.

Try out a 'soft helmet'

Check out a shape-shifting 'helmet' beanie and touch some ‘oobleck’, a slime-like substance that goes rock hard when hit.

Robotic portrait

Meet our robot 'artist' and take home a portrait done by a robotic arm using facial recognition and a 3D-printed pen holder.

Science in focus

Experience a visual installation displaying striking scientific imagery that reveals the diversity and unexpected beauty of QUT research.

Beat the machine

Go head to head with camera-based technology developed at QUT for autonomous vehicle navigation, and beat the machine at its own game.

Reduce textile waste

Learn how QUT scientists are finding innovative uses for textile waste, including transforming denim into coat hangers.

Safe as a helmet

An entrepreneurial QUT engineering student has invented a shape-shifting beanie to give snow-goers a more comfortable alternative to a helmet.

It looks like a knitted beanie and is soft and flexible, but a special lining inside the ANTIordinary “soft helmet” makes it go rock hard when whacked.

The beanie’s creator, QUT medical engineering student Rob Joseph, has co-founded the ANTI start-up with QUT business student Liam Norris and engineer Brodie Robinson.

Early cancer detection

Pioneer of salivary diagnosis research, QUT Associate Professor Chamindie Punyadeera, will join the panel Celebrating Queensland Invention at the World Science Festival 2019.

Professor Punyadeera has convened two symposiums in Brisbane that drew world-leading researchers to share advances in the use of saliva or blood for non-invasive diagnosis of disease.

“With an ageing population and healthcare expenditure increasing we need to find low-cost, out-of-the-box ways to provide easy, accessible, preventative and early detection methods,” Professor Punyadeera said.

Geeks, Style Gurus and Sciencepreneurs

In today’s world the competition to bring a new idea to market is fiercer than ever. Welcome to the rise of sciencepreneurship, where scientists, designers and industry work together to streamline the challenging processes required to achieve ground-breaking outcomes.

Explore how science, design and business work together to create a new ‘normal’, in QUT Creative Industries’ signature event at the World Science Festival on 24 March.

Our World Science Festival speakers

Dr Dietmar Hutmacher

Distinguished Professor

Dietmar W. Hutmacher is a biomedical engineer, an educator, an inventor, and a creator of new intellectual property opportunities.

Prof Hutmacher is also an internationally recognised leader in the fields of bioengineering, biomaterials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Science and Engineering Faculty

Viktoria Modesta

Bionic pop artist

Viktoria Modesta is an artist, creative director and futurist, who bridges performance art, music and fashion with technology, science and medicine.

Viktoria’s futuristic approach to “the body as art concept” has led her to collaborate on an academic level with artists working with technology and science, architects, and cultural institutions worldwide.

Dr Chamindie Punyadeera

Associate Professor

Chamindie Punyadeera is a globally acknowledged pioneer in salivary diagnostics.

Assoc Prof Punyadeera leads a world-class saliva research laboratory at QUT, focusing on developing non-invasive diagnostic tools to detect early heart disease and head and neck cancers, linking oral health to systemic diseases.

School of Biomedical Science

Dr Chris Jeffery


Dr Chris Jeffery is a highly successful medical entrepreneur currently completing his PhD at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision at QUT.

His passion to innovate has led him to develop several start-ups focused on improving access to medical treatment, and he is the 2018 QUT Young Alumnus of the Year.

Robotics at QUT

Dr Axel Bruns


Professor Axel Bruns's current focusses on the study of user participation in social media spaces such as Twitter, and its implications for our understanding of the contemporary public sphere.

His main research interests are in social media, ‘big data’ research methods, produsage, citizen journalism, and online communities.

Digital Media Research Centre

Dr Alice Payne

Senior Lecturer in Fashion

Dr Alice Payne's research centres on environmental and social sustainability concerns throughout textile and apparel industry supply chains.

In collaboration with colleagues and students, Dr Payne is also investigating bio-textiles – creating textiles from living bacteria to form a vegan leather.

Creative Industries

Celebrating invention

From medical breakthroughs to speed-breeding crops, science in Queensland shines when it comes to turning ideas into life-changing outcomes.

Meet a group of acclaimed inventors and find out how their Eureka moments have left an indelible mark on the future, at the QUT Creative Industries’ salon event at the World Science Festival on 21 March.

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