Information technology

Short courses and professional development

Course Description
Agile Methods Agile methods provide flexible and disciplined approaches to software development, for changing system requirements in business.
Business Model Design and Innovation This course will provide you with a solid understanding of why business models are needed and what business models are.
Business Process Analysis and Improvement Introduction to the Business Process Lifecycle Management structure with a focus on process analysis and improvement. This course provides an overvi
Business Process Automation This course provides the basis for understanding and delivering solutions for business process automation.
Business Process Identification, Analysis and Improvement Examine the underlying methodology and methods associated with each phase of a process lifecycle, focusing on process identification, analysis and improvement.
Business Process Management (BPM) Communication Strategies This workshop draws on principles of change management and communication practice for strategy development, stakeholder identification, and goal alignment.
Business Process Management (BPM) Maturity This introduction to the concept of BPM Maturity provides an overview of several maturity models, before expanding on the BPM Capability Maturity (BPMCM) model.
Business Process Modelling with BPMN 2.0 Introduction to Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN), the industry standard for process modelling.
Business Process Simulation Introduction to the fundamentals of simulation theory, essential metrics, and an overview of simulation tools using comprehensive teaching cases.
Computer Forensics A focus on the principles and techniques required to gather, analyse and present evidence of potential computer crime.
Cyber security (industrial control systems) This course provides you with knowledge and skills to better defend your system services and applications against malware and malicious attackers.
Designing a Business Process Management (BPM) Strategy This workshop discusses BPM topics, frameworks, methods and techniques and explores additional topics for implementing BPM and helps to map next steps.
Enterprise Architecture This course presents a holistic and integrated view of complex enterprises through the use of enterprise architecture frameworks.
Information Systems Explore issues experienced by your organisation's operatives and compare these with a major study of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) issues.
Introduction to Business Process Management (BPM) An introduction to the core principles and practices of Business Process Management.
Introduction to Lean Management Exploration of Lean Management and Introduction to the basic principles of lean thinking.
Introduction to Six Sigma Exploration of Six Sigma and introduction to the DMAIC continuous business process improvement approach, including each phase of its cycle.
Introduction to social media An overview of social media tools and how to use them to promote issues and agendas.
IS Consulting Skills This course examines IS consulting within large consulting firms. Advance your knowledge of the consulting process and learn how to engage clients successfully.
IT Security This course will examine critical IT governance, compliance and security management issues, including liability for information security breaches.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification A short course, part of our series on Business Process Management, covering the Six Sigma DMAIC approach while incorporating principles of lean management.
Network Management This unit prepares students to perform the technical and analytical tasks required to manage networks of all sizes and complexities effectively and securely.
Oracle Tools Gain an understanding of database creation, installation, administration, management, security, back up/recovery and application development.
Process Modelling with BPMN This course introduces all relevant concepts of process modelling with Business Process Modelling Notation.
Selected Applications of Process Modelling Introduction to advanced process modelling application areas, spanning organisational design as well as technical systems analysis.
Service Oriented Architectures This course provides the means for understanding service identification and process-orientation as enablers for organisational innovation and change.
Transport data analysis and modelling methodologies Learn to apply a variety of statistical and econometric methods to real transportation datasets in an interactive workshop environment.