Topic status: In progress

Recent research has shown intriguing relationships between personality types, preferred game types and experience of play. For example, players who prefer first person shooters have been shown to have higher levels of emotional stability than players who prefer other types of games. The project is designed to further this area of research by exploring specific connections between personality, game type preference and play experience. The specific focus of the project would be negotiated with the student (there are many possible areas of focus in this domain).

Research Activities

The research activities include:

  • survey / experiment design
  • initial data collection and analysis.

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes are:

  • a report on initial data and associated analysis
  • knowledge of the relationship between personality, game type preference and play experience.

Duration of project

8 weeks, mid-November 2011 to mid-January 2012 (negotiated with student)

Number of hours

35 hours per week

Study level
Vacation research experience scholarship
Organisational unit

Science and Engineering Faculty

Research areas
Please contact the supervisor for enquiries.