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Time has witnessed the great increase in demand of the recommenders. A premium example is Amazon. A recommendation approach is introduced using various profiles and multidimensional modelling. In this research, one of the aims is to build an interactive recommendation website using the various components of this recommendation approach. This research would find out how the various profiles should be used in conjunction with each other. Recommendation strategies for suggesting best-matched products can be derived based on these findings. Another research aim is to find the optimal number of recommendations for users at a period of time. More specifically, is there a saturation point when users are no longer willing to receive any recommendations.

This project is part of a large and ongoing research project. The candidate will be working with other team members.

Project Activities

Data processing; system design, implementation and testing.

Expected Outcomes

A website allowing users to interact and receive recommendations.

Duration of Project

10 - 12 weeks, Dec 2011, Jan and Feb 2012.

Number of hours

150 -180 hours

Study level
Organisational unit

Science and Engineering Faculty

Research areas

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