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YAWL is a popular workflow tool developed by the Business Process Management Research Group at QUT. It coordinates work processes across an entire enterprise. Typically, the interfaces to such workflow systems are very basic forms with fields for data entry. This project is an ongoing effort to extend the visual capabilities of the YAWL system in a number of areas via the use of 3D Virtual Environments, such as Second Life and OpenSim:

  • Work List Visualisation - presentation of work lists to users in an intelligent fashion that aids work decision making;
  • Console Visualisation - enabling administrators to easily understand what is happening within an executing workflow system;
  • Modelling Visualisation - designing process model visualisations that assist the process modeller in their development and analysis tasks;
  • Process History and Simulation - when running simulations or analysing previous executions, provide tools to assists in the understanding of process histories.

The previously listed projects are broad projects, with room for negotiation regarding the final nature of the projects. Both technical and more information systems projects can be derived, based upon student skill sets. This work is part of a large project seeking to integrate 3D virtual worlds with Business Process Systems. Detailed information about the project is available at Yawl Foundation and at Business Process Management Virtual Environments.

This project involves integrating 3D virtual Environments with Business Process Management tools. The techniques and tools developed in this project can be translated to tools other than YAWL. With the emergence of business usage of games technology, this project will place you at the forefront of an exciting new area applying games technology to business information systems. Business Process Management is recognised as a major area of IT research and development by industry analysts. You will also be doing this project within an internationally influential research group, with many opportunities for interaction with major companies that will improve future career prospects.

Required Knowledge: Java, Script Programming, Basic 3D Computer Graphics, Business Process Modelling.

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