Learning and teaching

QUT aims to provide outstanding learning environments and programs that lead to excellent outcomes for graduates, enabling them to work in, and guide, a world characterised by increasing change.

Student Feedback

At QUT, students and staff work together to create quality learning environments. As an important aspect of this communication, QUT makes sure that students are able to share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how we can make our learning and teaching even better.

The Your Feedback website provides a range of surveys to foster further improvement of students' learning experiences.

Learning and Teaching Unit

The Learning and Teaching Unit works collaboratively with faculties and divisions to create innovative strategies to support high quality student learning, and implement efficient and effective enabling systems.

Relevant activities of the Learning and Teaching Unit to date, have focused on:

  • The compilation of consolidated data sets on teaching quality, as an evidence base for improving learning and teaching practices;
  • Oversight of three Teaching and Learning commissioned projects, under the umbrella term of "supporting real world learning" and;
  • Academic policy review, development and refreshment, most notably in customised education, curriculum design, curriculum development and approval, course quality assurance and assessment.

Learning and teaching support

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Staff development policy